Ugly Betty Review 11-2-06

Very little comedy in this episode. Instead the producers used drama to answer many questions and tie up many loose ends. There were three major storylines this week: Betty’s Dad’s immigration troubles (told you!), Wilhelmina’s trouble with her daughter Nico, and a really good knock-off of Intolerable Cruelty involving Daniel and Salma Hayek .

The episode begins with an immigration lawyer telling the Suarez’s that he might can help Ignacio, but it would take a $20000 retainer. This sets off one of the few bits of comedy in the episode, when Hilda convinces Betty to sell Herbalux at the Mode offices. At first she’s ridiculed, but the prospect of “losing 10 ounds in 10 days” proves to be too much for the image-conscious employees of Mode to resist. Betty and Hilda get caught, however, and Wilhemina summons Betty to her office.

But, instead of punishing her, she attempts to buy Betty off. She gives her a check for $2000, and Betty knows that if she cashes the check, Wilhemena will “own” her.

Wilhemena has troubles of her own, as her 15-year-old daughter arrives and starts acting out in all kinds of embarrasing ways. Jowharah Jones, who plays Nico, gives the best acting performance seen on this show so far. A+ .

In place of comedy this week, we have a display of incredible tension between Daniel and what turns out to be a new Editor-In-Chief for Meade Publications (played by Salma Hayek). All I can say is Ms Hayek teases him, runs him through wash, and hangs Daniel out to try. It was a great comeuppance to see. (Along with, I might add, Ms Hayek in a pushup bra). This was transposed nicely against Daniel’s horrible treatment of Amanda.

There were two major plot turns at the end, one involving Daniel/Amanda, the other involving Ignacio. The former was kind of a surprise, and the latter I saw coming miles away. But this show isn’t about suspense, so that’s OK with me. They also pretty much gave away the fact that the Mysterious Woman is Faye Summers, and she sort of shows up when Daniel’s father is visiting “her” crypt.

One disappointment: no Justin this week. I’m sure he’ll be back next week, as the previews reveal that next week’s show will go full-bore back into the comedy. Whiney Walter was also AWOL. I was surprised at how many tears there were in this episode, but they were neccessary for plot and character development.

All in all, this episode was riviting, if anything because it was so different.

Episode Parental Advisory: Salma Hayek in a pushup bra. If you have any 14-year-old boys in the house, they’re probably going to want to watch it again (I think I will, too 🙂 ). There is one use of “b**ch” (in reference to Marc, of all people). We learn some pretty heavy sins of the past. Once again, we see Daniel/Amanda in bed. Strong sexual tension, a few double-ententres. However, there were, once again, good lessons about the consequences of using people. Your mileage may vary.


One Response to “Ugly Betty Review 11-2-06”

  1. John H Says:

    they could show Selma in a push-down bra, push-up bra, no bra, granny-bra, a ze-bra, and it wouldn’t matter to me..she is just freakin’ beautiful. Her vamp turn last night was perfect.

    More Selma…

    (was that my 14-year-old voice??)

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