Tweaky Friday

To the person in the Lexus who cut me off on White Bridge Road this afternoon:

I don’t get your bumper sticker. Oh, I GET it, in that I understand what it says and the message it’s trying to convey. What I’m trying to figure out is why the message was so important to you that you paid money for it, then potentially ruined the paint job on your expensive SUV.

All so you could tweak the sensibilities of any Christians that might be following you.

Why is it so important to you that I know about you that: I Was Born OK The First Time? I mean, as far as I know, there’s no such thing as evangelical Atheism, or Buddhism, or Hinduism. So, if you aren’t spreading your faith, or lack thereof, what exactly are you trying to do?

I don’t get your bumper sticker any more than I get the Darwin Walking Fish. Do you get some kind of pleasure out of tweaking those ignorant Christians?


Aren’t you secure enough in what you believe?

We’ll leave for another day the discussion of why I see more cirle-and-line (meaning “No”) W stickers on Lexuses and Range Rovers and BMWs and Mecedes Benzes than I do on old Caddilacs, or Tauruses or Chevy pickups. Party of the people, indeed.

But I really want to know why it’s so important for you to get a rise out of Christians. Your answer will probably also give me an explaination as to why you cut me off.


2 Responses to “Tweaky Friday”

  1. John H Says:

    Put yourself in their shoes. You live in a city with 120+ church of Christs, 50 mega-size Baptist churches, lotsa brands of Methodist churches, several large Presby. churchs, a church of Christ college, three Baptist colleges, the Baptist Sunday School board aka Lifeways, Methodist Publishing, myriad Penecostal churches, a slew of AME churches, a Nazarene college, people who want to sneak Christianity back into the school system under the guise of religious history, about 30 private schools that are religious based…how would YOU feel if you felt that the Bible belt was just about to suffocate YOU?

    I’ve grown up in this town, and I went to a Christian school, and I have attended many churches around here, and there are lotsa good folks in those churches, but there are lotsa folks in those churches who would think democracy is synomomous with Christianity and will do everything they can to see that the laws of the land reflect their beliefs (aka Amendment 1 here in TN, the first amendment that actually ABRIDGES rights of citizens).

    Maybe you’d be pissed off too. Actually, the fact that the Lexus cut you off has little to do with that bumper stick..he may have been on a temporary asshole streak, or perhaps he lives in asshat town.

  2. John H Says:

    some less than creative people spell synonymous differently than the way i did it in the previous post..doh!

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