Bush Lied, People..er..nevermind…

Let me get this straight. Saddam had no WMD program, especially nuclear (didn’t Joe Wilson tell us so?). He had no knowledge or technology that, if passed to terrorists, could become dangerous.

However, that very same lack of knowledge, posted on a web site of translated documents, would be enough to give Iran the Bomb?

I know, I know, this news is supposed to hurt the president, and by extension the Republicans. Possibly.

But doesn’t this qualify as “trying to have it both ways”?

You may be wondering why I broke my own “enough with he politics” rule. It was simply out of frustration. I have known about these documents for months. After the initial document dump, a user at Free Republic who calls himself jveritas has been translating them, document by document. It was there for everyone to see: chemical, nuclear, bilogical programs that Saddam had his hands in AFTER 2000. Those of us who frequent the site wondered, “Why isn’t anyone reporting this?”

Well, now we know. The NYT was waiting for a “gotcha” moment.

JVeritas has posted a pretty stinging rebuke to the Times here . This is major. Blockbuster. And it’s about time.


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