Random Ruminations

The Ugly Betty review for this week will have to wait until later tonight. Life has kept me distracted. Thank God for DVRs. Tonight, since it’s so blah outside, we’ll have pork chop pie and hot chocolate while catching up on Lost and Ugly Betty.

Harold Ford Jr and Bob Corker:

Make it.

I’m politically aware enough that I can size up the candidates pretty quickly and know which way my vote is going. I knew by two hours after they had called the primary who I was voting for. I would imagine that 80% of the rest of voting Tennesseans decided fairly early as well. The rest are so inattentive or squishy that “the bimbo” ad will actually sway them, one way or the other.

Most of us have made up our minds one way or the other. Those who haven’t are not serious people. Instead of talking past each other for the next two weeks (and making enemies out of people who should be friends), let’s talk about something more consequential.

Like Dancing With the Stars.
How the hell did I get drawn into watching this show? (Sara Evans). All I know is, even with my favorite (Sara Evans) off the show, I still watch. And although Rachel absolutely hates what Joey has become , he’s one of my favorite dancers left. He really knows how to dance, his partner’s HOT, and the bald thing is just what men do when their hair starts thinning. It’s their way of saying, “I meant to do that”.

Jerry Springer has made this season. I’ve always severely disliked the man, but on this show he was VERY funny, sympathetic, and a pretty good dancer for a 62-year-old. He’s been voted off now, so the laughs are gone. At least we still have Emmitt Smith!

I’ll leave you with my Slartibartfast Truism of the Week:
Every generation thinks it’s the first one to discover that sex is good and war is bad.


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