Your Own Metrosexual Jesus

Fascinating article at the Tennessean about the GodMen event at RocketTown. The whole idea may seem wacky to some, maybe even sacreligious – yet it rings true to me. In my adult life, I have read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, oh, 10 or so times. I think I’ve got a pretty good picture of who Jesus was, as least as the gospel authors saw Him.

I am convinced that the anti-Christ Christ, as portrayed in the movies, is William Powell’s Jesus in Jesus of Nazareth. Dainty, effeminate, almost metrosexual, his Jesus even spoke with a British accent. Yes, this Jesus conveys the nobility of Christ, but it just doesn’t ring true based on all we know about Him and His time / environment.

I think a far more accurate Jesus is Jim Cavezil’s in Passion of the Christ . The film paid homage to Jesus’ upbringing in the house of a carpenter (there is no record that Jesus was ever trained in carpentry, but it makes perfect sense). Yes, Jesus allowed himself to be flogged and killed, and some perceive this as being passive, even “gentle”. However, Cavezil’s Jesus had a true Mel Gibson macho moment in Passion. He is beaten brutally by the Roman soldiers, falling to the ground. The soldiers stop; it looks like He’s had enough. Then Jesus, complete with Rocky-style music, rises to his feet and “assumes the position” as if to say to the soldiers: “Is that all you’ve got?”

Of course, this probably didn’t happen, but it rings more true to me than William Powell’s “girly” Jesus.

Which brings us to the GodMan event. Make no mistake, the Church in general says to men: “To be a good Christian, leave your testosterone at the door”. Hug. Hold hands. Speak in quiet tones. I’m surprised they don’t expect us to speak with a British accent!

Yes, we should ask to Holy Spirit to help us supress our sinful desires and nature. However, there is so much to being a man that is NOT inherently sinful, yet we are asked to squash that nature as well. For instance:

The fascination with explosions.
Sports, both playing and as spectators.

Most importantly, the desire within each of us to be The Hero, to defeat evil, defend the weak, save The Beauty and win her heart. If you have read John Eldridge’s Wild at Heart, you know what I’m talking about. I don’t think God wants to supress this in us, he wants to set it free.


2 Responses to “Your Own Metrosexual Jesus”

  1. Rob Robinson Says:

    Good point. In my opinion, I think we as a society don’t really know how to portray someone who can fully surrender his ego and pride and yet still be strong (stronger even).

    I think that is the paradox of pride that we are all blinded by at one time or another: To have (excessive) pride and appear strong is really weakness, and to let go of that pride is (and requires) great courage.

  2. gimmeaminute Says:

    So all English people are metrosexual? Your logic is as flawed as your faith.

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