Not that I’m proud of it…

Newest example of rubbernecking: ABC’s Wife Swap. With the Titans in rebuilding mode, Monday Night Football has lost its appeal to me. Yes, I know I could turn off the TV, go for a run, compose blog posts. But it’s there, I’m there,the moon is bright – and it just happens. I have to watch these dysfunctional people and their weekly trainwreck.

What’s worse, I bring my kids into it. I know, it’s evil of me, but it’s my way of saying to them “See?! For all your complaining about us as parents, at least we’re better than THEM!”

Of course it’s staged and manipulated. The show follows the exact same story arc EVERY WEEK – anybody that knows people knows that in order for that to happen, some of the participants would have to be pretending about their “growth” experiences. Sometimes, the other mom is just crazy, and it would be very unwise to “learn” anything from her.

But the same thing happens every week. So, it’s no more real than rasslin’.

But I watch anyway. Somebody help me!


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