Pray for the Star

To my Monotheist friends, please pray for Najma, the Star From Mosul . She’s a 16 year old girl who blogs from Mosul. Many have compared her to Anne Frank . She is extremely intelligent, writes English better than most Americans, and is posting from Hell on Earth. An example from her latest:

As some Iraqis have used the walls to practice their free speech after the war,

a wall of a school has a writing that says: “We’ll kill everyone who’ll

participate in the elections”, in Arabic.. I was few days ago urging my parents

to go participate in the elections, if we didn’t vote, who will!! But, I guess

I’ll stop urging anyone now since it’s a dangerous thing like everything else..

Let’s just hope that the ones who’ll vote will vote for the RIGHT person.

She’s lately soured on the Americans. Even though I’m behind the military effort there, I don’t blame her. When I was that age, I would have just wanted the whole thing to go away so I could get back to being a regular teenager. I’d blame everybody.

Anyway, she needs our prayers. To my pantheist or polytheist friends, remember her in your meditations. To my atheist/agnostic friends, remember her and support her in any way you can. She deserves it.


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