I Heard My Mama Cry…

What a weird coincidence. Whilst reading about Fallujah/Mosul, what comes on from my random mp3 collection but “The Night Chicago Died” by Paper Lace. As I read about the mopup operations, I heard these lyrics:

And the sound of the battle rang

Through the streets of the old east side.

Till the last of the hoodlum gang

Had surrendered up or died.

There was shouting in the street

And the sound of running feet.

And I asked someone who said

’bout a hundred cops are dead!

I can almost hear Weird Al singing : “The night Fallujah died . NaNaNaNaNaNaNANaNaaah “.

That reminds me, I’ll post soon about why I think everyone in the Western World should watch “The Untouchables”. The similarities to the situation in Iraq are uncanny.


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